Building Inspiring Spaces

Founded by Mr Antonio Giovanni Ferrero and subsequently Registered in 1959 as Limited Liability Company A.G. FERRERO & CO. LTD has mostly worked in the north of Nigeria as Building and Civil Contractor.



  • 1953

A.G. Ferrero & Company, a firm registered under the Business Names Ordinance in 1953, was founded by Mr. Antonio Giovanni Ferrero, a youthful and vibrant Italian national who first arrived in Nigeria in the same year berthing in the old city of Kano. He was joined in the business in the 50th by his immediate younger brother, Giovanni (Nino) Ferrero and a yet younger brother, Italo Ferrero (late) followed five years later.

  • 1959

A.G. Ferrero & Company metamorphosed into the present A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd on 28th July 1959 when was incorporated as a private limited liability company (RC No. 1959) and  took over the business of building construction previously undertaken by Messrs A.G. Ferrero & Company. With the status of Kaduna as the headquarters of the then Northern Region of Nigeria, it was no wonder that the Ferrero brothers decided to relocate their operational Head Office in Kaduna in 1959

  • 1960 – 1969

The first Head Office in Kaduna was located at Plot ‘D’ Ali Akilu Road (now housing residential quarters) before it was moved to Plot ‘E’ Makera Road, Kakuri, in the Kaduna South Industrial Area in 1960 (up to the present days). That strategic move paid off as was evident from the wide patronage and phenomenal expansion the company enjoyed from that time on, spreading its activities to the major cities of the region.

  • 1970 – 1979

A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd has already on his record a number of projects  successfully executed both in the building and civil field with state Governments and many other private Clients. One of its defining moments and the Major project of this decade was the Musa Usman State Secretariat, Borno State Phase I , II & III (1970-1979), the successful completion of this project drove the company into further prominence; it became one of the biggest and most well-known in Northern Nigeria

  • 1980 – 1989

On 26th August 1982 A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd was registered under the highest category “D” with Federal Ministry of Works. The company now had branches  in Kano, Maiduguri, Zaria, Minna and Jos, with many successful road and building projects under its belt.

  • 1990 – 1999

This decade saw a strategic shift in A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd. It also opened a branch office in Abuja. Among many of the projects executed in this period were several building project in Universities (Hamadu Bello University Zaria, Federal University of Technology Minna), Hospitals (Mallam Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Phase I and IIA),  State and Federal Governments (Petroleum Trust Fund),  Ministries (Min. Of Defence, Works and Housing Kaduna) and several others.

  • 2000 – 2009

At the beginning of the new millennium  A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd re-positioned and re-focused is strategy on Four different divisions: Buildings, Civil, Prefabricates, Furniture. By this time it had already executed more than six hundred projects in Nigeria. The company has now expanded its activity to cover the full spectrum of Building & civil engineering, ranging across roads, water supply, sewerage systems, civil buildings, university complexes, hospitals, multi-storied office structures, mass housing, industrial complexes, religious buildings and public infra-structural works. In 2009 A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd has imported and fixed in Kaduna a full Precast plat for predalles and setup a Precast, this innovation served to speed up the execution in modular Building.

  • 2010 – 2019

In this second decade A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd is still growing and focusing in projects with the major Nigerian Institutions as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) State Governments among others. A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd has employed the service of M&E experts to be able to face the full Mechanical and Electrical Services required and opened the M&E Division . In 2012 A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd commitment has been recognized Internationally and won the International Quality Era Award in Genève (Suisse). The company future goal is to continue improve in international quality standard, and assure the Clients of the best service possible.

Technique & Quality

Our technical experience, originated in years and years of research and studies, enables the implementation of the most advanced construction techniques.
The continued effort of the company’s technical departments ensures the planning and execution of projects through innovative solutions that in most occasions have represented excellent examples of technological vanguard.
The quality of works carried out by the company is endorsed by the appreciation of our Clients. meeting the market requirements.

A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd was awarded the Quality Era Award in Genève 2012.

The Staff

The men and women who work for A.G. Ferrero & Co. Ltd are the company’s most important value.

More than fifty years of experience have allowed the professional training of a united and motivated group of people, capable to solve every situation or problem and to pursue the company’s objectives with great effort and fortitude.

From the execution of important projects around Nigeria, no fewer than three generations of technicians have followed one another, and each one contributed, not only with their professional capabilities but also with ethnics and feelings such as loyalty and devotion to the name of the company.

Finally, since men of different countries have joined the manager’s level, A.G. FERRERO & CO. LTD has been enriched with the arrival of new cultures and experiences producing consequently an added strong point for the company.